Where There’s an End, There’s a Beginning

Happy Friday, all!

As I mentioned in The Birth of Recovery Reinspired and a New Job, 2019 brought on the start of a blog, and the end of a job that brought me so many opportunities, opportunities I'll never take for granted!

After my final day with the only employer I ever worked for in my professional career, I took ten days off. During those ten days, I also dealt with what seemed to be the beginning of the end of a nearly two year relationship. I learned a lot in that week or more. I spent many mornings at coffee shops under the sun. Such a nice time to be outside and off work, reflecting on life, all of its beauties and challenges alike.

My first day on the new job came and I was excited for the next challenge in front of me. I had a trip planned to Massachusetts to see my aunt, who was recently married, later in August, as well as year number two of heading up north to spend the week before Labor Day in the cabins with my extended family. Life was still a beautiful thing, even with all the change. The relationship I was in was given another shot, but just wasn't working. The beautiful thing about recovery and wellness in life is the ability to part ways mutually, with respect and love present, and move to the next stage of life.

Up north was a blast, again! It was clear this was a tradition that was staying. The trip to Massachusetts was great, and I had my annual fall trip back east planned. I would spend more time with family out east that year than any other year. Life was full, and fulfilling.

As my time with my new employer and in my new office became more involved, it was clear I had to make some life changes. I informed Transitional Housing of Steele County that I'd be stepping down from the board of directors. But not before one last incredible experience. The annual fundraiser was in November, and I was asked to share in one of the keynote slots, telling my story in a condensed version. What an honor. I loved sharing at that fundraiser each year, sometimes as the person presenting "The Ask" and sometimes as the person with the welcome or closing message. This was the first year I'd tell my story and only my story. I had about eight minutes.

I invited a couple of my workers and my new boss, who also invited her boss, the CEO. They all came that day for lunch. It was an electrifying experience and maybe the most powerful setting I had ever shared my speech in. Hundreds of people hearing the raw truth around addiction and what it can do to humans, then hearing the reality that is recovery. One simple message, one I share often - if you look at me today and want me on your side, then there's no room to judge those faces of addiction seen in papers, on the news, and in person. That was me. But love, open mindedness, and generosity from those around me changed it all. For good.

It was the best way I could ever dream of leaving that board position I held for several years. And very much an opportunity to deliver a message to so many who needed and wanted it. Lastly, it would open up doors in the immediate months after with my new employer. Stay tuned for more, as I dive into one of the more powerful experiences and years of my life, 2020, and another fundraiser.