Five YEARS and a Career Launch

Happy Sunday, all!

I shared a few weeks ago, in Turning Tragedy Into Triumph, about the twists and turns of most of 2015, which included the loss of the patriarch of the Jewison family, my grandpa Jim. That event and the events surrounding it began new relationships and brought new realizations to my life, especially around the importance of dedicating my life to sharing with the world. Though those events could be remembered as tragic, I remember them as opening new doors and creating new possibilities, all for the better. I had so much to be thankful for in life, and so it would continue..

As the final quarter of 2015 came around, a few more events made it a little more memorable. I found myself in a relationship for the first time in several years, one that I told myself I wouldn't get into, and one that ended in difficult fashion. There was an opportunity to listen to that gut feeling and those around me, one that the feelings a new relationship brings clouded out. That was a hard lesson to learn, but thankfully I had the tools and connections to work through it. That's what recovery does - provides tools and connections to get through ANY times, no matter how difficult. Life would go on...

As the year came to an end, I made it to five years of sobriety. The celebration that ensued at a recovery meeting was the greatest I had until then. I had all kinds of family, residents of the treatment center I worked at, and even coworkers and friends. Five years was a big milestone. The fact was, I hadn't had five hours of sobriety in me prior to that, outside of being locked up. I never thought I'd see that day, but so it came, and long term sobriety really felt like it was becoming a reality. With such work and results has always come incredible opportunities, professionally and personally.

That fall, I began an internship at work, working on a data analysis project related to an accreditation my employer was going through. That internship really opened the door for what would eventually be the career I have today. The work I did afforded me an opportunity at a job in finance. I had been in a direct patient care position for six months and was asked to take an office job in finance. I couldn't imagine not working with those coming through treatment directly, and after the first week in the finance role, with little training and guidance, I asked one of the directors to go back to my old job.

He convinced me to think about over the weekend and think about what was needed to make the transition easier. Nothing about the finance job felt good or easy, but I had several people around me convincing me to stick it out for at least a few weeks, as one week simply wasn't long enough. That job would be the first of the job changes that didn't feel good or easy, that left to my own devices and thinking, I'd have backed out of.

Looking back, had I done that, I imagine my life and career would be in a much different place. Sticking with the finance job and getting exposure to our Chief Financial Officer is what opened the first door to many other doors that would put me where I am in 2021. As I mentioned previously, there are times to listen to the gut feeling. There are also those same times where consultation with those around us is simultaneously the best course of action. As people having battled addiction, and as humans in general, our brains are not always wired to interpret life's happenings as reality. Enough people around us, combined with our intuition and connection to the Spirit though, usually gives us a better picture of what's really happening. That's where other humans are so crucial in the journey we're all on. I'd be lost without that branch of the tree of life.

Life in 2016 would come with more personal and professional growth and opportunities. It would also come with more lessons and challenges, including the loss of more family and another major knee surgery. Stay tuned for the next post, and be sure to subscribe below to receive notifications of future posts.



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  1. I’m reminded how many times, in my life and my family’s life, it’s been the difficulties and challenges that so helpful in turning us in good directions.
    Thanks, J!

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