Next Up – A Business, Celebration, and More Shared Purpose

Happy Saturday, all!!

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted, and that June is almost over. Here we are, though. If you've been following the progression of this blog, you know I caught my life up to its current state. Since then, I've been in planning mode. I will continue writing and posting through this blog, and have a few other channels of communicating with the world that I'm working on. Here's a bit of what's in the works...

First, as mentioned, I will continue writing through this blog, with updates and messages monthly!

Second, in July, I will work on developing and launching a podcast, something I've thought a lot about doing more recently, and is something that's been requested enough in the past. Stay tuned soon for that!!

Third, regarding the book - I will continue writing and completing the book I set out to write, and will launch that officially at an event next year, one that's described next...

Fourth, I previously shared I'd be working on a large, celebratory event to take place in 2022. That event will be sometime in the spring, and will be open to any and all of my friends, family, donors, other supporters, and anyone else who wants to join. The event will have a few different speakers, one of which will be yours truly. It will serve multiple purposes: to celebrate a decade (+1 because of COVID) of my own recovery and purpose, launch my book and business, and benefit Avivo, a place that will always be near and dear to my heart for the work the organization does. Planning for the event will begin over the next month or so, and more details around timing, location, etc. will be coming thereafter. This is something you will NOT want to miss.

Last on the list for today, I will continue to share with the world through speech. There has never, in my life, been anything that brings a passion out of me like speaking does. I didn't speak live for 14 months after the COVID pandemic began, and within a week of the first speech in early June, I was asked to speak again. Both times reminded me how strong that passion and purpose is. It was like I never missed a beat. To build on that, I officially filed an LLC to begin operating my personal mission under. That LLC and entity will provide several services - speaking to the world, organizational consulting, and writing, for starters. Every time I've shared in life, I've done so for free. I am a mission and service driven person, so that has not hindered my willingness, but as I move to make this more of a consistent and global passion, time and resources will be in greater need. There's something about taking the next steps, especially filing a business, that makes things more real. The train has started rolling down the tracks!

As the summer begins to unfold, I'll be excited to continue updating you on all the above, which all serve one purpose - to deliver a message of insight, hope, and purpose to as many humans and entities as possible. That starts with all of you - you that continue to support, read, and share with others, my personal experiences and missions. For that, I'm forever grateful!!



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  1. Congrats, Jason, on finishing this life-chapter and launching out on the next! May your life story continue bringing the impact of gratitude, generosity & grace to many more lives, for many years to come!

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